Product information
Residual fuel oils and distillates are the two main oil product types on the bunkering market. The quality depends on the refinery and the grade of crude oil processed.

Interbunker Group of Companies offers both residual and distillate fuels as per follows:

Viscosity at 50°Cmm2/sRMG 180 — 180.0 RMG 380 — 380.0
Density at 15°Ckg/m3991.0
Micro Carbon Residue% m/m18.00
Aluminium + Siliconmg/kg60
Ash% m/m0.100
Water% V/V0.50
Pour point (upper), Summer°C30
Pour point (upper), Winter°C30
Flash point°C60.0
Sulphur% m/mStatutory requirements
Total Sediment, aged% m/m0.10
Acid NumbermgKOH/g2.5
Hydrogen sulphidemg/kg2.0
Used lubricating oils (ULO):
Calcium and Zinc; or Calcium and Phosphorusmg/kg
The fuel shall be free from ULO, and shall be considered to contain ULO when either one of the following conditions is met:
Calcium > 30 and zinc >15; or
Calcium > 30 and phosphorus > 15.

This residual marine fuel grade is formerly DMC distillate under ISO 8217:2005.

The purchasers shall ensure that this pour point is suitable for the equipment on board, especially in cold climates.

The purchaser shall define the maximum sulphur content according to the relevant statutory requirements.

Strong acids are not acceptable, even at levels not detectable by the standard test methods for SAN.
As acid numbers below the values stated in the table do not guarantee that the fuels are free from problems associated with the presence of acidic compounds, it is the responsibility of the supplier and the purchaser to agree upon an acceptable acid number.

Viscosity at 40°Cmm2/s6.000/2.000
Density at 15°Ckg/m3890.0
Micro Carbon Residue at 10% Residue% m/m0.30
Micro Carbon Residue% m/m
Sulphur% m/m1.50
Water% V/V
Total sediment by hot filtration% m/m
Ash% m/m0.010
Flash point0°C60.0
Pour point, Summer0°C0
Pour point, Winter°C-6
Cloud point°C
Calculated Cetane Index40
Acid NumbermgKOH/g0.5
Oxidation stabilityg/m325
Lubricity, corrected wear scar diameter (wsd 1.4 at 60°C)um520
Hydrogen sulphidemg/kg2.00
AppearanceClear & Bright

Applicable if sulphur is less than 0.050% m/m.

If the sample is dyed and not transparent, water test shall be required. The water content shall not exceed.

Important: Our products always comply with ISO standarts and the upgraded specifications of the classification societies.